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We are a group of kayakers/canoeists who meet to enjoy a paddle around the broads. We are a friendly and inclusive group of people with a variety of interests and backgrounds and once out on the water it is absolutely wonderful and every single trip is different.

If anyone is interested in trying out this activity then you will need to own a kayak/canoe, however we can often lend one of our boats for an initial trip, or if the chosen paddle departs from Wayford Bridge or Wroxham, it is possible to hire from the boatyard. We do not however, keep spare kayaks that we can lend on a regular basis.

Items you will need if you decide to join our group are as follows:

  • Kayak/canoe

  • Transport to and from the site (for yourself and boat)

  • Broads authority or British Canoe Union Licence

  • An appropriate buoyancy aid which fits correctly (must not be too big)

  • Packed lunch including a drink

  • A change of clothing and a towel

Each month one member will act as the leader (point of contact) for that day and you should contact the leader if you would like to go out. The leader has the right to cancel if unforeseen circumstances occur or there are adverse weather conditions, but you will be informed by 8.00am that morning.

Please notify the leader of any medical conditions that you may have, so that he/she is aware while out on the water and if possible always tell someone not on the paddle, where you are going and give the leader an emergency contact number as we always carry the list of members, their contacts and a mobile phone with us.

We meet at a variety of venues on the second Friday every month at 9.40 for a 10.00am launch, and are usually back to our cars by about 2.30pm.

If you are interested in joining, please click the Contact button below for further information.