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The Philosophy Group was one of the first groups to be established and whilst the majority of those who signed up at the outset are still enthusiastic members we have welcomed a steady stream of newcomers over the years.

From the outset it was our founder’s aim to encourage members of the group to prepare talks and lead the sessions and this is the pattern we now follow. There is no obligation for anyone to lead a session but all members are more than welcome to do so if there is a particular topic they wish to explore.

Meetings are always well attended and the discussion lively and sometimes provocative! Members feel confident to express their views in a free an open exchange because there is an understanding that there is nothing offensive about saying “I do not agree”. Indeed, disagreements make for challenging and interesting meetings.


Here are just a few examples of the topics we have tackled: Ethics, Existentialism, Education, Knowledge, Time, Beauty, Wisdom, Moral Relativism, Identity, Truth, Punishment and Memory, Religion and Belief, Philosophy as a Way of Life and many more.


During the Covid pandemic we are meeting on line via Zoom at 10.00am on the third Friday of each month.

When life returns to “normal” we shall be looking for a new venue.

For more information please email using the Contact Us button.

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