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In our Computer Group we help each other to understand how useful computers and related technology can be.   Younger generations have grown up ‘Computerate' i.e. they almost instinctively know how to use all sorts of computers and related gadgets like games machines. It is a bit different for most of us in the U3A as we’ve had to come to terms with these new technologies somewhat later in life. Computers are revolutionising our lives, but we need to learn how to make the most of the enhancements to our abilities and improved access to knowledge they provide.

Our Computer Group has been formed so that we can learn together how to make optimum use of these clever devices by embracing and exploring all that computers and related technology have to offer - as we will find out, these wonderfully enabling tools can do a lot more than just basic office tasks.

We do this by having a mix of discussions around the basics to more special interest subjects on demand. Every month we have a great question and answer session to help people with any current issues.

In time, we will also explore a variety of programs and utilities once we know your interests, needs and expertise.

We sometimes undertake occasional projects - our first project was to create the basis for our North Walsham U3A website, which gives details on all NW U3A groups.


In normal times, the group would meet in Bacton Village Hall, at 2.00 - 4.00pm on the third Thursday of each month, but due to Covid-19 precautions we are currently meeting via Zoom. We occasionally have additional special interest meetings which will be notified to group members as and when they are planned.


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