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The group has been described as a history discussion group and I would agree with this.

We decide on a subject and then divide it into a number of meetings.

All of us look into the subject and at the next meeting put forward what we have discovered!

Surprisingly we don't all refer to the same books, or online sites, but it works very well.

Over the years we have worked through the Kings and Queens of England, ending with Victoria as we decided history was then becoming too modern.

We are just finishing the Russian Revolution, nothing has changed from the 19th century.

Strong women, through the ages was a subject where we all picked someone and gave a presentation.



We meet at 2.00 - 4.00pm on the second Friday of the month in a member's home in North Walsham.

Nothing too deep or complicated is attempted.

For more information please email using the Contact Us button.

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