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Walking Groups


Our walks are in various venues led by a member of the group and start at 10.00am on the Fourth Friday of the month of various lengths between 4-7 miles

At different times during the year a member of the group may send out information about a walk they are doing and ask if anyone wishes to join them.  These are ad hoc and have no fixed times of the year or the month, they are also of varying length from 2-10 miles

We hold an annual meeting on zoom in November to arrange walk leaders for the upcoming year. 


Dogs Welcome

Well behaved dogs are very welcome on our walks and we generally have at least 3 dogs on the walks.  Where possible dogs are allowed off-lead.

Information about the month's walks is sent out via email around the middle the previous month. 

Approximately 4 -20 people attend each walk

We are a very friendly and welcoming group and at the end of most walks some of the walkers choose to eat lunch at a venue local to the walk.

If a walk has to be cancelled due to inclement weather then this is usually notified via an email hopefully before 9.00am on the morning of the walk.

For more information on any of our walking groups please click the Contact Us button.


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